Capturing the attention of your target audience quickly and 'move' them through your website or your digital platform in the way you want.

Website design

Producing spectacular design for use on the web is not the same as print graphic design.

Understanding the nature of a web user is important to make sure you capture the attention of your target audience quickly and 'move' them through your website or your digital platform in the way you want.

We have built a solid reputation on producing superb design for web, whether it be scoping out a fully responsive brochureware or WordPress website, providing layered PSDs for your own developers to code or simply producing responsive email marketing templates - Fusing Creativity are hands on in ensuring you get the results you want.

HTML brochureware websites
WordPress website design and build
Online graphics, email templates
UI / UX web and app design (layered PSDs)
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HTML brochureware website design and build

Brochureware websites are designed to look amazing and sell your company to your target audience, directing them to find out more or buy from you. The sites we produce are beautiful and responsive to function across screens, tablets and mobiles.

WordPress website design and build

We build content managed websites based on the brilliant world class WordPress platform - allowing you to upload your own content in the future and give scope for future functionality development.

Whether it be a simple news feed, e-commerce or event booking, WordPress has a solution and it can always be added on later.

There is lots of scope for design and customisation so you need not worry that your site will look like every other site.

Online graphics and assets

Design for web is not just about full blown websites or apps, you also need assets here and there. We design assets such as animated GIF banner advertising, social media branding, email marketing templates and much more, we can even help you to brand channels such as live chat or online profiles.

Taking the lead from your brand, we can help make sure you stand out on the web - not just in your own online space.

UI/UX website and app design (layered PSDs)

We have built a solid reputation in providing the design for web platforms, when the client already has in-house or specialist web development support.

We work on the user journey and the user experience from a visual perspective and provide your developers with ‘layered PSD’s’ (layered Adobe Photoshop) files for them to work from to build the site in their chosen coding language. This way, you, the client, get the best of both worlds - allowing us as designers to concentrate on what we’re good at and allowing the developers to focus purely on the build of the site.

Whether you need a new in-depth e-commerce site, web-app or iOS app we can provide the perfect design.